First, a church should hold the Bible as the final authority.  Our founding fathers believed that.  Though not often mentioned, in 1782 the US Congress authorized the printing of 20,000 Bibles by Robert Aiken because of the lack of Bibles caused by Britain’s embargo during the Revolutionary War.  If Congress knew the importance of the Bible, so should your church.  Second, a church should teach ALL the truths of the Bible, not just those which our culture has deemed acceptable.  Today many in our world have asked churches to soften their stance on many moral issues.  But how can any church change what God has said is right and wrong?  Since God is the Creator, He has the right to say if something is sin and only He can change that truth.  No church should try to force anyone to accept God’s teachings about moral things, but a church must encourage people to personally consider what God’s Word says about sin and encourage everyone to obey those truths.   Third, a church must tell the truth about salvation by grace.  There is so much confusion today caused by those who would teach that getting to Heaven is based upon good works.  However, the Bible teaches a very different truth.  We encourage you to go the title page of this booklet and begin the do-it-yourself Bible study that shows salvation is completely by the grace of God. Last, a church should encourage you, your family, your church, and this nation to serve the Lord. God created you to serve Him and so you have been selected, Ephesians 2. God designed the family and it must be protected, Genesis 2.  Jesus died for the local church and it must be supported, Ephesians 5.  God established governmental authority and it must be respected, Romans 13.  

What Kind of Church should you attend?

  • Bible authority
  • Autonomy of local church
  • Priesthood of the believer
  • Two ordinances
  • Individual liberty
  • Saved membership
  • Two offices (Pastor & Deacon)
  • Separation of church and state

What does an independent Baptist church believe?