When you visit Valley Bible Baptist Church, what can you expect?

1. Courtesy

We are going to avoid anything that intentionally makes you feel unwelcome, nor are we going to smother you the minute you come into the door.  We respect your privacy and the personal decision you made to visit with us.  We will shake your hand and would love for you to sit with us, because we want you to know that we're glad you came to Valley Bible Baptist Church.  

2. Honesty

Any church that does not tell the truth is worthless.  So, every Sunday we open the Bible and preach its truth.  We are not trying to win a popularity contest or earn anyone's "business."  We want everyone to be saved by God's grace and then live His truth daily.  So, we are going to stand against all sin beginning with ours.  You know, the sins that all Christians struggle with such as pride, hypocrisy,  and worry?  Those sins are where we start first because as Christians we should know better.  We will stand against the "sins" of the world, but after we seek to get our own lives right with God first.

3.  Sincerity

Have you ever heard someone say they quit going to church because there were hypocrites in the church?  Well, let's be honest for a second, no place, including a church, can be sinless because we are all sinners, including born again Christians .  So in other words, we are willing to admit that we aren't perfect and sometimes we are going to fail other people which means sometime people can accuse us of being hypocrites from time to time.  But, we don't want to be hypocrites so please forgive us if we fail to be what we should and we'll do our best to forgive others as the Word of God commands.