Seniors are some of the most important people in the world. Our senior ministry includes Bible studies, transportation to special events and appointments, scrap booking events, and much more.

Our youth group includes Sunday School, monthly activities, teen camp, evangelism events, as well

as discipleship and family ministries.  Our goal is spiritual not numerical growth. 

The backbone of America's economy is the local business owner.  Our goal is to support and help local business through meetings and resources that aid hard working folks grow their businesses by Bible truths.

Churches building churches - that is the Bible model of church development.  VBBC financially as well as practically help local IFB churches.  Each month we go to help new or struggling churches in NY.

During the school year we have two monthly activities as well as Bible based resources for young adult needs.

With over 2000 SUNY Cobleskill students near us, we seek to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.